Pal Mundo Festival | 2 & 3 JULY | ZUIDERPARK, THE HAGUE

Where and When


Pal Mundo will once again take place on Saturday 15th of July 2023 from 12:00 till 23:00 in the Zuiderpark in Den Haag. 

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, the age of 18 is required when Pal Mundo takes place. 

Ticket sales and more

Where am I able to buy tickets?

Official tickets for Pal Mundo festival can only be bought at our website/via the official ticketshop by our partner Paylogic. We strongly recommend only buying tickets through our channel as we can guarantee the validity of the tickets and you will be paying the original price.

Which tickets will be available?

The following tickets and prices will be available but be quick because the prices will go up later!  

  • Fanatico tickets – EUR 60- Tickets with a special price for our fanatico fans and includes access to the main area 
  • Phase Uno - Regular tickets – EUR 70 – Includes access to the main area 
  • Phase Dos – Regular tickets – EUR 75 - Includes access to the main area 
  • Phase Tres – Regular tickets – EUR 85 - Includes access to the main area 
  • Golden circle tickets – EUR 120 – GOLDEN CIRCLE tickets include access to the main area and access to the GOLDEN CIRCLE area in front of the main stage  
  • VIP tickets – EUR 170 – VIP tickets include access to the main area, a dedicated VIP area with a private bar which is located next to the main stage and fast-track entry to the festival site. 

Also, almost all payment methods will be made available so that should not be a problem.  

Am I able to pay in instalments and/or afterwards?

Yes, the payment method Klarna will make that possible for you.  

I bought a ticket but can’t find it anymore / did not receive a confirmation mail, help?

There is no need to worry! The tickets are not being sent out yet in order to protect you and everyone from high prices and scam practices. The tickets will be sent out no later than three days before the event.  

However, please check if you did receive a confirmation mail from Paylogic with the request of personalizing the tickets. If you can’t find your confirmation mail anymore, fill in the email address you have bought your tickets with, and you will receive a confirmation email again. 

I have entered a wrong email address when ordering and/or want to change it

We have instructed our partner Paylogic which means they are ready to help you with your request when needed. Please reach out to them here 

Do I need to personalise my tickets, and will I be checked with that name at the doors?

Every visitor at Pal Mundo Festival must personalise his/her entrance tickets in order to get access to his/her tickets and thus the festival eventually.  

How can I personalise my tickets?

Please follow the steps below to do so:  

  • After ordering your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic with a link to the order page  
  • Click on the button "Personalize"  
  • You can then choose to "claim" or "send" the tickets. If you "claim" the tickets, you put them in your own name. By "sending" you can send the tickets to a friend so that he or she can then put the ticket in their name.     
  • If you have purchased more than one ticket, please invite your friends to the personalization process by clicking on "invite". It is important that you do not send this link to people who are not part of the order, as this link provides access to the tickets. Remember: ALL your tickets need to be personalised. 
Am I able to change the name on the ticket?

Yes, changing the name on your ticket is possible via the name change module of Paylogic. Please be aware: a small fee will be charged so if you don’t know who will come along, wait a little bit longer to personalizing the tickets. 

Please find below the instructions on how to change the name on the E-ticket. 

  • After ordering your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic with a link to the order page 
  • Click on change of name. 
  • Select the ticket whose name you want to change. 
  • Enter the email address of the new visitor 
  • Select your preferred payment method 
  • Complete the name change. 
  • The new visitor will receive an email in which the ticket can be claimed. 
Can I upgrade my ticket?
Yes amigo! You are now able to upgrade from regular to Golden Circle or VIP and experience Pal Mundo in the best possible way.
Please find below the instructions on how to upgrade your ticket(s). 
  • After ordering your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic with a link to the order page
  • Go to the order page, click on "More actions" and select "Change tickets"
  • Select the tickets you would like to change and use the total value of the order to buy different tickets.
  • Complete the order and you will receive your new upgraded ticket(s) automatically. 
* unused credit will be converted in a voucher which can be used for future purchases
Where can I get a locker?

Locker sizes range from small to large, and they are priced accordingly. By booking a locker in advance, you can save time and avoid the hassle of carrying your belongings around with you during the festival. You can order your locker here.

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