Pal Mundo Festival | 2 & 3 JULY | ZUIDERPARK, THE HAGUE



Saturday, July 2nd 12 PM – 11 PM

Sunday, July 3rd  26th 12 PM – 11 PM

Please be aware we have a strict no re entry policy, which means that once you’ve left, you can’t enter for a second time! No entry allowed after 9PM, so make sure you enter the festival on time


If you have a WEEKEND ticket, make sure to bring this with you on both days, as we’ll need to scan this ticket twice: on Saturday and Sunday.


If you can’t find your tickets(s) anymore, don’t worry! You can use THIS tool. Enter the email address you used to buy the tickets. You will then receive a confirmation email with your ticket(s) again.


Head over to our ticket provider Paylogic for all questions regarding your ticket.


Is there anything wrong with your ticket? Or do you have any questions regarding your ticket? Go to the ticket point next to the main entrance.


 The sun will shine for Pal Mundo Festival 2022 😍 It’s going to be around the 23 degrees with a lot of sun, so make sure you use sunscreen before coming to the festival. Should you need more, you can find sunscreen at the INFO & MERCHANDISE booth. We advice you to bring your sunglasses!


Pal Mundo is a 18+ festival. If you are under 18 years old, you are not allowed to enter the festival under any circumstances, which also means you can’t enter in the company of someone over 18 years old.

Please bring your ID with you: everyone attending Pal Mundo Festival will be asked to show a valid photo ID at the entrance, which means: an ID-card, passport, or driver’s licence. We do not accept photocopies or birth certificates. If you’ve lost your ID you can also enter with proof of new ID application and a photocopy of your ID. Without official proof from the municipal, you wil not be able to enter.  


We advice you to travel by bike if possible. There are secure bike park facilities nearby the site. Please navigate to Anna Polakweg 2 to securely store your bike at a bike park facility. Once you arrive, please follow the Pal Mundo signs and directions from staff at all times.


Please check HERE for specific directions.  We strongly advice you to buy your parking ticket online before departure and ride-share if possible. Here are the links to the different parking options:





 Please check HERE for specific directions and best exit locations. Public transport will be extremely full, so do not bet on the very last train in order to avoid crowds and queues.  Please load sufficient balance on your OV-Chipkaart in advance.


There will be a limited number of lockers available. Be smart and secure your locker in advance HERE.


Pal Mundo 2022 Festival will be cashless this year, which means you will only be able to pay with a debit or credit card. There will be limited cash points available where you can top up a prepaid card using cash.



This year we have our own app provided by Appic. With this app you’ll be able to check out the timetable with all your favorite artists. You can download Appic HERE. Plan your PM2022 journey by creating a personal timetable and sharing it with your friends. You can also invite all your festival friends to your group and never lose them again during the festival with the friend finder.


You can download Appic HERE to see our timetable. It will also be posted on our social mediapages. Check our sitemap below.


Currently there are no COVID restrictions, you can attend the festival without a negative Antigen/PCR test result or vaccination certificate.


If you want to find out more about the latest travel restrictions, we advise you to visit THIS website.


You are allowed to bring cameras (no professional cameras), go-pros, folded selfie sticks (max. length 1,5m when unfolded), cigarettes, roll-on deodorant (no spray cans), small umbrella’s (max. length 25cm) and chargers to Pal Mundo Festival. Sunscreen is allowed in original (small) packaging (max. 100 ml).


Items that you are not allowed to bring are:

– Hard or soft drugs and laughing gas/nitrous oxide

– Weapons, (fire) arms and/or other dangerous or prohibited items

– Sound recording equipment

– Professional or semi-professional video equipment or cameras (zoom lenses)

– Glass or cans

– Food or (alcoholic) drinks

– Pets

– Fireworks

– Football shirts and/or clothing with discriminatory prints

– Laser items (pens, pointers)

– Bottles containing any type of gas or other substances

– Big umbrellas longer than 25cm

– Flagpoles longer than 1.5m

These items will be thrown out, so please do not bring them to the festival.


All lost items have been collected and categorized via iLost. Click HERE to check if your lost items were found.

Event info

What time does the event start and end?

Pal Mundo Festival starts at 12:00 and ends at 23:00. 

Can I enter anytime or re-enter?

As long as you're holding a valid ticket that has not yet been scanned that day, you may enter any time during the event. Ins & outs are not allowed.

Will set times get posted in advance?

Yes. During the days leading up to the festival, set times will be posted on this website, our social media pages, and email updates (sign up for emails at the bottom of this page). Set times will also appear on the festival guide you receive upon entry. Note: The lineup is subject to change.

Can I see a festival map ahead of time?

Yes. Maps showing stage locations, food, bathrooms and more will be available prior to the event on this website and on our social media pages.

What is the camera policy?

Professional video cameras are not permitted. Professional photographers must obtain a photo pass by emailing to gain access to the festival with their camera. Photo passes are not required for standard cameras that do not have detachable lenses or handheld video devices under 6″.  

Will there be a lost and found?

Yes, lost & found services will be available at the venue during and after the event. All lost items will be collected by iLost. Check their website after the event to check if your lost items were found. 

What age do I have to be to attend Pal Mundo?

Pal Mundo is a festival for people of 18 years and older. Everyone attending Pal Mundo will be asked to show a valid ID (ID-card, passport or driver’s license) at the entrance. We do not accept photocopies or birth certificates. 

Can I rent a locker?

Yes, you can rent a locker to store your stuff securely all weekend. You can rent a locker in advance via this link or at the festival by the entrance. We advise you to secure your locker in advance and avoid queues. 

Will there be ATM's?

No, there are no ATM's available on site. Pal Mundo Festival is a cashless event, which means you can only pay by card at our bars, foodtrucks and stands. In the case you’d prefer to pay otherwise, for example with cash, you can purchase one of our cash cards at the cash register. The following cards are accepted: 

  • Maestro, V-pay 
  • Visa, Mastercard 
What kind of ID do I need?

You must present a valid ID-card, passport or driver’s license to enter the festival and/or buy alcohol. 

I’m under 18. Can I attend with a legal guardian?

No. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed in, with or without a guardian.

What is the bag policy?

Visitors are allowed to bring a handbag as long as it’s not bigger than the size of an A4 paper (approximately 30x20cm). Any bag bigger than that, for instance backpacks or duffel/weekend bags are not allowed.

What is the drug policy?

We conduct an absolute zero tolerance policy, and no soft or hard drugs are allowed in. If this rule is not followed, entry to the festival will be denied.

Ticketing FAQ

Where can I buy tickets?

Our official ticket partners are Paylogic & Festicket. Please make sure to always purchase your tickets via official ticket shops. Our other official ticketing partner is Festicket. You can purchase tickets via Ideal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay or Google Pay. All popular events are confronted with fraudulent organizations and people that try to resell tickets above market price, purely for their own benefit. Only official Pal Mundo entrance tickets will be accepted and guarantee access to the festival. You can purchase a maximum of eight tickets per transaction. 

Do I need to personalize my ticket(s)?

Every visitor at Pal Mundo Festival must personalise his/her entrance tickets in order to get access to his/her tickets and thus the festival. After you have personalised, you will receive your ticket(s).   

Make sure you have personalised your ticket(s) before July 1st.   

How can I personalise my ticket(s)?

Personalizing your tickets is possible immediately after purchase. You can only download the tickets once they have been personalized. Please follow the steps below to do so: 

  • After ordering your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic with a link to the order page 
  • Click on the button "Personalize" 
  • You can then choose to "claim" or "send" the tickets. If you "claim" the tickets, you put them in your own name. By "sending" you can send the tickets to a friend so that he or she can then put the ticket in their name.    
  • If you have purchased more than one ticket, please invite your friends to the personalization process by clicking on "invite". It is important that you do not send this link to people who are not part of the order, as this link provides access to the tickets. Remember: ALL your tickets need to be personalised. 

* Did you place an order in 2020/2021? If so, check the confirmation email from Paylogic and click the orange "Order Status" button at the bottom of the in the email to get to the order page.    

Please note that the deadline for personalization is July 1st. 

I can't find my tickets (or didn't receive them)

Through this link/URL you can get your ticket(s) sent to you again. Please fill in the email address you used to place your order.   

Do you have questions? Please contact our partner Paylogic. 

I have entered a wrong email address when ordering and/or want to change it

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this, but our partner Paylogic can. You can read this page for more information on how to do this. 

What is included in my festival ticket?

General admission tickets include access to the main festival area. VIP tickets include access to the main area, a dedicated VIP area with a private bar and fast-track entry into the festival site. Note: Drinks and private tables are not included in the ticket price.  

You can find more information about all ticket options here.

I have a ticket query that has not been resolved from the above FAQs, who should I contact?

Please contact your ticket seller Paylogic or Festicket.

Are tickets expected to sell out?

Tickets will likely sell out, so get yours early! Limited quantities are available at each pricing tier.

Can I upgrade my ticket to VIP?

No, unfortunately ticket upgrades are not available. Please consider this when making your booking.

Press FAQ

How do I apply for Press Accreditation?

For press accreditation for Pal Mundo please send an e-mail to with details of your media.

What is the camera policy for press?

Bringing professional or semi-professional photographic equipment to this event is not allowed unless agreed upon otherwise by means of an assigned press accreditation. Selfie sticks longer than 1 meter are also not allowed. Normal digital or other cameras (like GoPro cameras) are allowed.

Where can I find press materials?

Thank you for your interest in covering Pal Mundo. You can use the press materials for publication:

- Press Pictures

- Aftermovie 2019

If you have any other requests or questions, please contact:

music cover