Pal Mundo Festival | 15 JULY | ZUIDERPARK, THE HAGUE

Find your way to Pal Mundo festival

Zuiderpark - The Hague


Zuiderpark is a large city park in the middle of The Hague. It’s where nature meets the Latin world. We will convert the park into the world of Pal Mundo, blending elements from all around the globe into one big party.

Zuiderpark as a location matches perfectly with the biggest Latin Caribbean Festival of Europe with a contemporary line-up consisting of the world’s biggest Latin and Caribbean artists. Pal Mundo Festival 2023 will be unforgettable with 30.000 people from all over Europe enjoying a journey through music, dance and gastronomy. We are expecting a lot of visitors, so there will be a lot of traffic on the roads in and around The Hague – both before and after the festival. We strongly advise you to prepare your journey to and from the festival well in time and to take the large crowds into account. 

We strongly encourage fans to come by bike to avoid long queues. Please follow the directions below.

General tips

  • In the area – please come by bike to prevent hold-ups and long queues. Navigate to Anna Polakweg 2 to securely store your bike at a bike park facility.
  • Travelling by car - park your car at the Qpark CS New Babylon and take the tram to the festival site. We encourage car-pooling and make sure to buy your parking ticket online before departure. This will minimise the number of vehicles and travel time for everyone. 
  • On you way back home - In order to avoid crowds and queues, make sure you have sufficient credit on your OV-Chipkaart and don't bet everything on the last train.

Please always be respectful of the surrounding nature when travelling from and to Zuiderpark. We aim to keep Zuiderpark and the surrounding area as clean as possible, but can only do so with your help.

Travel info by


"Pal Mundo is working together with Partybussen to transport you carefree and safely. You will be picked up and dropped off near your home by a luxurious and comfortable tour bus. The party can start on the bus! Music on, a drink in your hand, and your friends around you... and no hassle about who will be the designated driver. No worries, just fun!

Book your Partybussen bus ticket now in the Pal Mundo ticket shop by choosing from one of the 15 pickup locations. If your pickup location is not listed, no problem! You can view all pickup locations or even organize your own bus trip on Book your bus ticket or make a group request on"

By Car

You are able to park your car at Q-Park CS NEW BABYLON. After you parked your car you can take the tram to the festival site, see Public Transport (Den Haag Central Station) for more information.


We recommend everyone driving to Zuiderpark to start your journey on time. This way, you are sure to catch all your favorite artists. Also, take a travel time of approximately 20 minutes from the car park to the event site into account. 

By Public Transport

In the area around Pal Mundo, you'll find two train stations: Den Haag Central Station and Den Haag Holland Spoor. Plan your trip in the NS or 9292 app/website to see which station is the best option for you.

Please find below the travel options from the stations to the festival site and the other way around.


At Den Haag Central Station, there are three options to get to the festival site.

Rent a bike at NS or HTM and cycle to Zuiderpark

  • Rent a shared scooter 
  • By tram

Den Haag Central Station - Tram

Den Haag Central station ⇢ Zuiderpark (festival)

At Den Haag Central Station you can take line 4 (direction: Uithof) or line 6 (direction: Leyenburg) and get out at Monnickendamplein.

Zuiderpark (festival) ⇢ Den Haag Central station

Get in at Monnickendamplein and take line 4 (direction: Zoetermeer Lansingerland) or line 6 (direction: Leidschendam Noord) and get out at Den Haag Central Station.



At Den Haag Holland Spoor there are three options to get to the festival site.

  • Rent a bike at NS or HTM and cycle to Zuiderpark
  • Rent a shared scooter 
  • By tram

Den Haag Holland Spoor - Tram

Den Haag Holland Spoor ⇢ Zuiderpark (festival)

At Den Haag Holland Spoor you can take line 9 (direction: Vrederust) or line 16 (direction: Wateringen) and get out at Loevesteinlaan.


You can take line 11 (direction: Scheveningen Haven) or line 12 (direction: Duindorp) and get out at Hoefkade.

Zuiderpark (festival) ⇢ Den Haag Holland Spoor

Get in at Loevesteinlaan and take line 9 (direction: Scheveningen Noord) or line 16 (direction: Den Haag Centraal) and get out at Den Haag Holland Spoor.


Get in at Hoefkade and take line 11 (direction: Station HS) or line 12 (direction: Station HS) and get out at Den Haag Holland Spoor.  

Please follow the Pal Mundo signs and directions from staff at all times. On your way back home? To avoid crowds and long queues, we advise against relying on the last tram or train. Also, please ensure that you have sufficient credit on your OV-Chipkaart. 

Taxi & Kiss & Ride

Please follow the signs ‘Taxi and Kiss & Ride’. Taxi’s and Kiss & Ride can be found at Meester P. Droogleever Fortuynweg. Navigation address can be found here.

By Bike

When traveling by bike, please navigate to Anna Polakweg 2 to securely store your bike at a bike park facility.  Once you arrive, please follow the Pal Mundo signs and directions from staff at all times. 

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